Are You Looking And Doing The Work?

There was this great teaching opportunity in your nearby area. Also, this dream company just posted yesterday they were hiring people exactly like your profile. But the last date has passed. Sorry, you didn’t know about them.

You didn’t know about them because you weren’t looking. Well, you didn’t need to because you have a good job and apparently you are happy.

But now you want to try something new. So you are looking for fresh prospects. And you can’t find any.

Meanwhile, your friends are finding their passion job, working hard to get a raise and basically finding their life together. It almost feels like magic – and painful because it seems everyone else is just ignoring you.

The Art Of Seeing

You need to know where the opportunities lie. It is often in the edges where you will find great opportunities. For example, if you need a job then the easy and obvious way is to approach the job board where thousands of people apply and get lost.

Or you can follow hiring people of companies you admire on social media. They often post a job which isn’t much advertised.

Also, they share new opportunities from their friends. So looking at the right place can improve your chances of being found by tenfold.

Doing The Work

On the flip side, on the weekends – work on the type of job you want to do. Because that will be recorded. So when the right type of job opportunity comes, you aren’t like everyone else.

You are 10 steps ahead. You have the work to show that you are passionate and can bring results. So see at the right place and be ready when someone knocks on your door – and you will be indispensable.