Are You A Hypocrite

It is easy to speak of good things, being moral and following the procedure. Until you work in the field, you don’t realize that sometimes things can get messy. And you will find yourself doing things opposite of what you preached.

Are you a hypocrite? Chances are yes, and you do it for a variety of reasons. When the survey comes, and you are asked to rate the best female beauty, you choose the one with traits like emotional connection, intelligence, and so on. While in reality, the first thing you look for is the hotness meter.

This difference comes from the fact that you need to maintain a specific image to feed the image society wants.

What if the society doesn’t bother what you think, do or act as long as it is legal. You can be your true self, and you don’t have to create multiple faces, in short, you don’t have to be a hypocrite.

Other times, you don’t realize the reality of things. For example, when you are interviewing jobs, you vow that you will do everything right and never do anything to please or make sub-standard work.

But when the reality of working hits you, deadlines come near, and you are pushed to deliver. Suddenly you find yourself in a place where your morality and truth is in conflict.

It Is Hard

Living life with a discipline where you do the work that matters and being righteous is hard. Because the culture is that you will be pushed to be mediocre. And it is difficult to persist and stand out.

And even if you manage to make your mark, you won’t be lauded. Instead, you will be pushed down to the hole and made to feel less of yourself.

Each day as you live, you will find that it is better to be like everyone else. Take the easy path and live the life of a hypocrite. Why would on the earth would you willingly torture yourself to make everyone else’s life hell and also yours in the process.

That’s The Point

If you find that you are not being appreciated by doing the righteous work and being moral, then you aren’t in the right organization. Plan to shift to a better one where you will be rewarded for doing the important work.

Sure, don’t go on and make it hard for yourself. But you can still be you and move forward. Sure, it will be hard, but that’s the point.

You are doing it because you can sleep at peace at night, you can do work you are proud of, and you can live a life with an impact. And you can do that without being a hypocrite. I believe in you, persist.