Apple is Empowering The Creator Economy

Apple is Empowering The Creator Economy

When you remove the headphone jack. A lot of companies started trolling. How will they listen the music without the headphone jack. Isn't headphone jack the necessary thing, and airpods- that's something expensive new thing from apple.

And people were hesitant, but a lot of people bought the airpods and phone, a smartphone, without a headphone jack became the trend. All the companies, which had trolled in the beginning now started to copy.

The Power of Apple

Apple might not be the first to do something. But when Apple does something, it does create a wave. And not all of its features are a success, but most of it are, which makes Apple the most courageous companies ever.

It does something. Competitors tries to mock it, but realize they have succeeded, and they had to copy it. So a lot of features first came on iPhone. And then all the companies, copied it, and it's fine, you can see the features, that's totally normal, totally fine.

But today we are not going to talk about Apple as a company, but we are going to talk about one of the best products of the company- best selling, best money making machine of the company Apple. Now we'll talk about iPhone.

iPhone Is The Beast

iPhone sells a lot. And it also sells a lot of accessories along with iPhone. Also, there are software's through which it earns billions of dollars. So iPhone is a true moneymaker. But what is so significant about the iPhone.

Let us try to understand it from a creative perspective. See, when you want to, like for example, as a dancer you want to make a dance video, I want to make it good. And you want to make it well lit and all of this stuff, and you go and see the cameras in the market and they cost a lot of money. And below the range the cameras are not that great. What are you gonna do, you can just spend 30,000 INR to get a lower version iPhone of 40,000 to get 50,000  range and boom, you get the best in the class camera for you, for your dance videos, you can make dance videos on your iPhone.

But that's that's not all. You're getting a full, full phone with you, along with the camera, you get to so many things with the iPhone. So totally worth the price. So it's from a creator perspective as a dancer. It serves your purpose so well.

Creating With iPhone

I also make videos, education videos in which I put the camera and the footage, and iPhone does this trick for me, I can take the video and I can edit it in its core, simple iMovie app. Sure. Another phones has free apps available. But what I found is, iMovie is a simplest editing software available, yes there are premium versions available of it, but the free version does the trick. And it comes with every iPhone. That's it. As a creator to make a video that is the best thing that can happen to me.

Now, It's not only that I make videos on education and dance, is that I do vlogging also. And guess what, iPhone is the most easy to use, vlogging camera ever. And it can fit in your back pocket.

Many, many pro people who are great at the vlogging business they use Hi Fi cameras which costs lakhs of crores of rupees. But when they want to use the smallest thing possible, they often go for the iPhone, because trust me it is the best vlogging camera, which is available.

Now, it's not that I use it for vlogging thing is, I use my iPhone to make podcast, also. So there are very simple apps available on the iPhone, and I can make a podcast on this thing is, it's not that the software's or apps are only available on iPhone. But when compared to other versions like Android or Windows. The apps on the iPhone gets updated pretty pretty fast. And I have seen many of the features come first on iPhone then on other platforms. So if I have to be on the top of the game. I need to have an iPhone so from a creators perspective, it is my golden mine.

iPhone = Creators Dream Tool

And now, the iPhone is so powerful is the best thing which you can trust, like go with iPhone, I get five years of software update from other companies compared that to others, you get maybe two or three years maybe. But the thing is, the hardware seems to feel like it is second version after one or two years, but with the iPhone even with five years old. It still looks amazing. Still it clicks and it still functions like a beast.

Yes, there is some battery issue but that aside, it is still a beast of a performance, you can just pick up the iPhone, and just rely on it for creation of everything you do. And it's amazing. I write an iPhone. I talked with my buddies on iPhone. We make podcast, we create a lot of content with my phone.

Sure, for the amount I can get a higher version of other phones. But I have got the iPhone SE which costs me INR 23000. And no other phones has the feature like iPhone in that range. Another thing is that. it has a quick software updation and it just works. Other people have to worry like it might work, it might not work but with iPhone, it always works. No matter, it just works. You don't have to worry about anything. So you can make a gaming streaming thing also on your iPhone and work seamlessly.

So iPhone has enabled me as a creator to do multitudes of things I am thankful to it. And I hope iPhone continues this with launching more and more things with creatives in mind, and becomes even more creator friendly in other areas in which it ain't.

That's it guys. So if you want something just to work seamlessly without thinking about it, go for an iPhone.