An Inspiration Strikes

Whatever you do – write, sing or dance as your creative outlet, sometimes you don’t feel like it.

But if you still do it anyway, then that’s a professional behaviour. A professional shows up even if you don’t feel like it, especially then.

Is there a way to ease out your creative process to do things often.

Note It Down

Inspiration can strike at anything – start a habit to note down whenever that happens.

For example, if you write then note down the topics when it comes to you. Or record the dance steps when you feel like moving.

Do it daily, consciously and slowly it will come to subconsciously.

Inch by inch you will have library of magic box to pull up your tricks when you are required to deliver.

It feels like magic but it is simply the work of showing up everyday and noting when the inspiration strikes. So you can create even when there is no inspiration.

Bad Creation

Remember that you won’t create gems every time. And that’s the whole point.

In a creative field, you should create more so over time there will be lots of bad ones. But also lots of good ones.

Try your best, ship on time and learn new things to keep on creating with thrill.