My favorite writer has started podcast. There has been a rage about starting a podcast amongst influential people. Probably the next big thing.

Here is how it works.

You record a video version of yourself or with a guest. And upload it on podcast website for people to download them.

Or you record a YouTube show in which you are interviewing people or talking with your audience. And then release the audio only version to the podcast website. There you go – you are an officially podcast person.

People consume podcast on the go – mostly when commuting or exercising. Hence, the ideal length should be not more than 30 minutes. The problem with podcast is to find the audience and sponsor to sustain it. It is like writing on a blog but ten times harder. This is one of the reasons people are not so keen on starting a podcast.

My favorite writer Seth Godin has just started his brand new podcast. I highly recommend it. Along with 2 other podcast I often listen to.


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