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Acquired Taste

Doing the same thing for a longer period of time is the key to acquired taste. From the food choices to risk appetite to conquering the world.

You do the small things each day. And brush off the important things for tomorrow. Because there is always 1 more day which never comes. Procrastination happens to the best of you. Slowly you fall into the zone of ‘It’s Not for me’. The thing is it might be the case for you but accepting it without giving it a fair option is bad.

Failing by not trying isn’t the best way to fail. The idea is not to get failed in different things. Rather it is to embrace the feeling of new with each try irrespective if you fail or succeed. Because the momentum will be forward in each of the cases.

The Gourd

It tastes bitter. And I would never in my life imagine waiting that be served to me. Then one day my mom cooked the gourd with a deep-frying method. Also she added few potatoes and voila – the bitterness was gone.

I loved it. Gourd is one of my favorite vegetables now. Then I took it on myself to eat the gourd every weekend. Only this time, I wanted it with all the bitterness. I swallowed it somehow and then went about my day.

After doing this for more than 6 months, the bitterness got the better of me. The gourd is still bitter. But I seem to enjoy the gourd despite its bitterness. I don’t mind the taste. Hence, I don’t only swallow but also enjoy chewing. Wow, what a transformation. Well, I can say I have acquired the taste of gourd.

Excel At Anything

When you try something new – you won’t like it initially. Because everything is new like the bitter taste. And it will be tempting to move on from the tries.

And many people do just that. When the practice starts getting difficult, it is easy to quit. But when you stick around and put in your 100 percent – 2 things happen. Either you rock it and upgrade your skill. Or you get dead sure that this skill isn’t for me which helps you to move on with positivity.

For example, while I was learning to swim – I almost gave up 6 months in. My mom encouraged me and just 2 weeks after that I was able to swim. So don’t quit unless you have done the best you can.

Also, if you have a mentor or coach it helps if they can point the minimum time or tries you should do before you think about quitting. It helps you build a positive mindset and lets you try many different things without worrying much about the failure.

So go for it. Embrace the bitterness. Chew on your version of gourd.

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