An author in search of thrill, peace and happiness.

If you are reading this then it means you are a fantastic human being. Because everyone is.

But you are special, you gave this obscure piece of writing a chance. And by that I mean – someone who is undiscovered and has almost no fame.

Unless you count the fame from getting seen by 1 million people. Which I have got – from my articles on Medium, Quora and my videos on YouTube. Combining all of them, my work has reached a million people.

However, it’s all futile because no one knows me. Yet.

Rohan Bhardwaj is an author. He has published books. His current favourite is ‘This Is Internet’. He loves the internet and the possibilities it brings.

He started writing to cure pain, to find himself and share his insights. Slowly, he has evolved. And now, he shares his learnings, perspectives and ideas on this blog. It’s like his garage for his ideas.

Some are standalone, some are fictional stories and some develop into a book.

He loves writing – but more connecting and making an impact. He is inspired by many on his journey. Select few are Seth Godin, Sol Orwell, James Clear, Naval Ravikant and many more.

Here you will find writing which is in nascent stage, perspectives which matter and above all something to think about.

  • Some articles will move you.
  • Some will delight you with connections, information and depth.
  • And some are there for you to have a good read. Join in.
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