Rohan Bhardwaj is an author, thinker and dancer. He loves to explore ideas, expression and different perspectives. He is a big promoter of the Internet. He dances whenever he feels like it and that happens daily. He shares his ideas via video or writing or audio whenever he feels the urge. And he feels that way almost daily. He wants to share everything he knows and learn more in the process. So he always keeps sharing.

I started writing because I was heartbroken. Initially, I wrote poems. Sad ones. Now, I love to write. I have done writing long enough that it has become my daily to-do. It's not something I look forward to, it's not something I get tired of. It's something I do because I can't help myself. Even when I am making explainer videos, there is writing involved. I figured the best way to see if your thinking makes sense is to write. So, that's what I do every day.

I am the biggest cheerleader on the internet. The connection brings in possibility, innovation and upliftment. Getting internet access means access to knowledge, people and jobs. I love how Internet has enabled folks to reach new heights in money, job and fulfilment. If you aren't leveraging the internet, you are missing out. In this newsletter, I will celebrate every win of the internet - e.g. business, individuals or ideas that grew on the internet. I will share how the internet is creating new futures - e.g. remote work, apps, coding billionaires and so on. I will share learnings that you can apply for yourself on the internet - e.g. creating a bestseller book, creating an app, building careers and so on.

I have written a book - This Is Internet. Seth Godin - my hero loved the book. Click below to learn more.