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A Series Of Projects

What defines you changes by the work you do. Most of you go to a daily job and do the task and then come back home. You repeat this cycle for the lifetime and then retire.

Nothing inherently wrong with this approach. But what if you could more. I have many passions and would love to explore the ideas behind it. Maybe some will pan out and others will be a complete failure. Either way, it will be an anticipating, thrilling and amazing lifetime.

Inspired by Seth Godin’s enormous list of projects, I am going to live my life as a series of projects. Not as a task – or to do list. But a project with an impact or change I am aiming to create.

Of course, to do that I need to work and do the tasks. Also I will be working the 9 to 5 job. But my goal is to do more of projects. Whatever I intend to do – I will look at it like a project. And approach it like it.

I hope you do the same.

My first project is to write a book based on my answers on Quora. I have chosen the topic as life and lessons. I write about 3 to 4 answers a month and compile them in a word document. Once I have 42 answers, I will edit and rearrange them to make it readable.

It might sell a few copies, 100 copies or none. Or 1 people will read it or thousands of people will share it. Whatever happens – the idea is to move ahead with another project.

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