A Rant On Window Shopping

Who doesn’t love shopping? When you go out and check out new things, have money to splurge and can go home without a dent in your financial account – that’s an ideal situation.

And for most things, you would be okay. Because you will be shopping for essentials and some luxury from your salary.

But the problem happens when you go out and don’t know what to shop. So, you go checking out all the things, see some deals and spend hours on them.

The term for this behaviour is window shopping. Because basically, you are checking them out as if from the window. And chances are you won’t buy anything.

Because you don’t need anything in the first place. Or else you won’t be window shopping.

Part Of Culture

You do it once in a while – it’s fine. But when you do it as an activity in your romantic life, then it’s worrisome.

Because you have run out of things like discussion, doing chores together, spending time with friends, relatives and watching movies. You have come to the online store or a physical store to gawk at things.

And if something pops your eye, you bring out your wallet to buy the things you don’t need.

This window shopping habit of yours will make you financially short. Because you will be attracted by marketing in the store. It has to because you aren’t a monk. And when you spend 2 hours window shopping, you gravitate towards some things.

So you splurge. Thinking it is leisure spend. But it wasn’t. In reality, you spent money on something which was never in your list of wants or desires.

It was an impulse decision, and you keep making them again and again. Because you keep doing window shopping.

Your Habits Change

Habits are difficult to make and hard to break. But often the trick is to entice with dopamine. And with the window shopping experience, you get a ton of dopamine hit.

Like Naval says, in this modern age, the problem isn’t lack of things but rather the abundance.

Too many clothes, foods and everything. All neatly wrapped on display for you.

Initially, you will not jump. But slowly it will make you spend more than you need. And soon, you will fall into the zone of buying because of upgrading.

Remember, once you go up, it’s difficult to go down. So go slowly. Don’t let yourself get enticed.

If you still want to window shop and eventually shop like crazy, do it being self-aware.

See what, why and how you are doing things. And you will find your calm, peace and happiness within the self.