A Quick Guide To Reading

  1. Read classics, it stands the test of time for a reason.
  2. It’s okay if you don’t read 1000s of books.
  3. Read 100 best books over and over again.
  4. If you want to get into habit of reading, start with anything you like. Eventually you will end up enjoying reading.
  5. Takes notes from books which you can refer again. So you ideas of quick reference.
  6. If you don’t enjoy what you are reading, don’t force yourself. It’s okay. Even if the book you read is loved by everyone.
  7. Nonfiction books, most of them have few key ideas and many analogies or explanation. You can stop reading when you get the joke.
  8. You don’t have to start from first chapter and end on last. Read chapters which you like.
  9. Buying a book always pays off. First most books are cheap and even one idea makes it worthwhile.
  10. Gift a book, share it – that’s the larger purpose of books and book reading. You want the ideas to spread and impact culture.
  11. If you want to deep dive into books with multiple perspectives, join a book club. Better if you start one.
  12. Listening books is the trend. But deep ideas need to be read and reflected. Audio often keeps going while you are busy. Great books asks you to stay still, think and imagine.
  13. Complex language does meant great books. Ideas need to be spread. Opt for translation or different versions of books.
  14. Read multiple books at once. Different genres to keep your brain ignite and connect on ultra level.
  15. If you have a kid, read a book to them. It’s an amazing experience to have.
  16. Read for wealth of information, ideas and entertainment. Don’t do it for status signal, it’s not worth it.
  17. If you aren’t enjoying, skip or stop. And you decide what you like. Explore and find your own journey.