A Promise Makes You

It is easy to find your meaning in work or hobby or something too ambitious. But often it comes down to basics.

When people meet you – you introduce yourself by calling something. You might say – you are a a teacher. Or a coach or someone.

But you can do better. You can tell a promise which you keep…

Promises Define You

Few examples of promise can be:

  • I write eceryday
  • When you give me work, I revert the work done within a week
  • My cakes are always fresh
  • You can trust me with your secrets
  • I write a book every year
  • I stay with you all the time while trekking

You get the gist of it. Whatever you do work or hobby, there is always a promise. And there can be multiple promises.

But often you need just one to get people to get attracted towards you. Follow your lead and grow together.

Keep Promises

And when you have identified your promise, all you have to do is keep them.

That’s it. And when you can’t – tell it upfront. And if you miss, be empathetic towards complain and resolve things.

Either modify promise to keep keeping them. Or become better at keeping your current promises.

That’s all it always needed – be it work, relationship or business. You rock because your promises rock.