A New Project

Looking at your life as series of accomplishment feels good. But more of the fulfillment happen daily – the things which you do repeatedly.

If you love to dance and you are able to do it regularly and move ahead in the talent then it is a good life. This translates to everything else – from swimming, reading and creating something.

Your best resolution for new year is to lose weight. And you make them every year and then forget about it in the next week. Also there is the energy to do something magnificent in the initial days and then it wears down quickly.

Sometimes it is better to lead your life as a series of project. For example, one of the project I did this year was to put my Quora answers in a book format. To make this thing happen, I had to write quality answers consistently and it took me about 90 days.

Maybe you don’t have to announce something entirely new. You can start looking at the things you do in weekend as projects and then work towards it.

Many people have a fixation on making it a success. But rather doing something out of heart, putting in the work is the best part and then you can ship it. As Seth Godin says, it might not be worth it. But you aren’t doing this project to bring loads of success, it is a test and you will keep on doing test forever.

It isn’t a game to end or a winning prize. Rather it is a journey of discovering something about yourself. And putting your energy into the work you want to deliver.

What’s Your Project

It is fine to list down your project. Because no one is going to steal your ideas and even if they did, you are unique in your ways that no one can match the execution you are planning.

Also sharing the project helps in getting feedback from people, take the inputs and work more. Sometimes the project is time bound and sometimes it is necessity bound. And other times you just want to get the information out as soon as possible.

For example, one of the project I am currently doing is working on the site where I can share everything I know about swimming at the age of 25 years.

Maybe it helps someone. Or maybe it doesn’t. If nothing works, I might put all the information under a link on this website to help people.

Either way, the project might die or take new shape but my experience and the input will stay longer. And the reward is the wisdom I get every time I try to tackle the information.

Get Inspired

Whenever I see some ideas or something which is near to my heart, I try to do something about it. First it starts with a writing, then I might research a bit. Make a video perhaps and then try to connect with individuals who are contributing to assist them.

And if I feel inspired, I will start something to do on my own – a project to take what I know into something which might not work.

But it is a start of something and that is what you want to do. Now go make something