A New Kind Of School

The education system is broken. And so is your heart. But the later makes you stronger to deal with life. You might still remember your first break up. You lost yourself and then found your shattered pieces of heart, cried a lot but eventually, you became a better person.

But because the education system didn’t help you in a way to empower – you find it struggling to find a job.

It didn’t prepare you for the harsh roles, to empathize or the process of giving interviews, making the connection and doing the tax.

You are different than your colleagues. If you all were subjected to the same pressure, each one of you will react differently. Yet, the school treats everyone the same – gives the lecture at the same pace and expects you to level up. If you can’t then you are a bad child.

No one considers the possibility that you might be slow in picking up certain ideas or you might not like a certain topic.

It all comes down to – go and rote learn it. After all, you need to pass to fit in. That’s the only way school works.

The Population

When you have got a huge population, then there comes a short cut to handle everyone. Because you want to give everyone candy for being literate.

For many, the basic education despite it’s lacking helps. It is broken with respect to how much advanced you have become and the ‘copy-paste’ job going out because of AI and machine learning.

At this stage, the vast majority will still land in no job zone despite getting an education. Because our job scenario has changed and education ain’t.

So, solving the problem of education merely to cater to everyone easily won’t work. There has to be a new way.

Read, a new way – NOT an easy way.

The Internet

With the internet and computers at the hand of everyone you can imagine – education has taken a U-turn.

Yes, companies still ask for a degree so they can give you a job. But now learning is unlimited – everything you want is possibly on the internet. And you can find many things to learn for the free or minimal price, at a pace you want and get good at it.

Also, you don’t need a degree – you can go out and build a portfolio of your work and publish it online for free.

Boom, now all you need to do is make sure you pay attention to your kid at home. Take responsibility – make them feel okay if they fail at public school. Prepare them to learn new things, solve interesting problems and we will move towards a better system.

I believe in you – let’s do your part in making the education system better – one home at a time.