A Day Off

Often the excuse you come up is that you don’t have time. Of course you want to do this and that, but the schedule is so tight that you can’t even do it.

Or when you do it, you can’t maintain the consistency.

The real reason is that you have not made that thing your priority. Of course you may want certain things for various reasons – but unless you make it your priority or it becomes one, you won’t be able to do that.

For example, being fit is everyone’s dream. Because you look more attractive, get attention and clothes look great on you.

But the people who get fit are those whose lives depend on that – actors, stuntmen or bodybuilder. Or those who make it their priority.

The Meaning

How do you know that certain thing is your priority – simple check the money and time where you spend the most.

Even if you don’t agree with the result – that is your priority you have. Money and time are the precious things and where you throw that is up to you.

So if you want to become fit and then you watch 5 hours daily YouTube or Netflix then you have made your priority entertainment. Nothing bad in that, just that you need to be true to yourself.

The only way to get something is to push it up in your priority list.

So in this example, you may need to cut on your watching hours and allocate that to focusing on diet.

Similarly where you spend money is the marker where you want to grow or change.

So if your goal is to be fit – spend on fitness clothes, mats and healthy foods.

No Excuse

Having no time is just a plain excuse as you know now. Because everyone has the same time in a day.

So here is an exercise for you. Go and take a day off from your job. And since it was your job time, that is a bonus 8 hours for you. Sit down in your home and do whatever thing you have been avoiding.

Chances are you will find the reason such as fitness is tough or that is good to have but deep down you don’t care.

So when you take time off willingly you can try things to see if you really want to do that.

Once you know certain things are just fad then you can be happy. And for those which you are then start making changes in your schedule to make time for that.

Another Exercise

When you have time off and money in your bank, what are the top 3 things you want to do.

Those are your go to place and thus will impact your life more. Choose them wisely for you. Or what are things if you don’t do in a day makes you feel bad.

That’s another way to find what you truly care about.

Now that you know how to take control, go do one thing which you have putting off for long time.