A Calm Mind

Often when you try to do things in a hurry, the probability of mess happening increases. On the contrary, when you let your mind be calm in chaos, things seem to resolve.

The first instinct often is to fight back, raise the voice, and take things personally. However, when you let that sip in for a while, your instinct will be to work on it, listen carefully, and understand that most of the things aren’t personal attacks.

Your life is a rollercoaster, and often you will have to go up only to come down fast. And then you have two choices –

  • Get scared and hope when you will go up.
  • Or enjoy the downfall too because it won’t stay for longer.

Seeing things differently happens only when you start with small things in your life. And slowly, it will pass on to the big things like relationship, career, and connections. Let’s take the example of business – when you are bombarded with customer issues, product failure, and employees not trusting you, there is a choice to be made.

And that is to try to work haphazardly, being stressed and shouting on anyone who comes by.

Or take things one piece at a time. And try to analyze them because you know you can’t solve something if your focus is not narrowed down.

Identifying the real issues from the hype, and working on it with a calm mind will slowly take your business to a better situation.

But all of this doesn’t happen. Because you are too occupied with the narrative – the one who tells you to shut up, not take the lead, fail when you slip. Let those voices be shut and make a new narrative about bravery, being a leader who is empathetic, calm, and direct.

Change starts with you when there is change within you – one step at a time. Take any area of your life – kids, relationship, or career and try to see it with a different narrative and see the magic unfold.