A Bad Day At Work

When you go to office, you are passionate to do the work. You give in your best to deliver. And at the end of day, you feel satisfied.

New projects keep coming and there are responsibilities which you take up. It brings some new challenges but you are eager to learn, adapt and give your 100 percent.

But one day you go in and the work you did has some You mistake. Your boss is angry and the clients are sending you frustration emails.

You hope that the situation gets in control however all the things are happening which seem out of control. You feel sad, the day at work is the least productive day and you are feeling stressed. The day seems longer and first time you are wishing to go home.

The Tangent

You think of possibilities which could happen because of all the bad things that are happening. Maybe you will not be given the increment or you will be fired from the job.

And you worry about your family members, getting job is tough in the market and you don’t have much savings.

Your debt will increase because of interest and your plan to pay it off with increment goes down the drain.

But all of this didn’t happened, you are thinking about it. Chances of it happening are 1/5 and you are too focused on them. Your brain works in mysterious way – it focuses too much value on the negative aspect because it thinks on a survival level.

Talk With Friend

When you are stressed you are bound to make bad decisions. As such you need an outsider perspective on things. Talk with a colleague you trust or a friend who can understand. Share your problem and she can help you see it from a better perspective.

Your brain goes with the extreme possibility – your friend can show you the direction to a realistic outcome.

Also when you too focused on the imaginary outcomes, you shift away from the problems at hand. Go and talk with your boss – yes mistake has happened, what you can do now to amend it.

Maybe the problem can’t be solved, but your gesture will go a long way.

It’s Okay

If everyday you experience a good day then life will become boring. A bad day at work is a part of your life – it will happen and you should embrace it.

No one has a graph which keeps on rising – it is often a graph which goes up, down and then up again.

Have a good night sleep and then focus on other things – you need to go to office again, make it better and you can because of the bad day, you can rise again. Go crush it.