8 Hours Of Dancing

Going on a trip is something everyone does. And it helps people gain experience of culture, enjoy the different climates and feel good. But there are many ways you can put yourself in the uncomfortable zone to test yourself.

And this is something which you need to do often as possible. Thinking of yoga – how about join for a week and then see how you are doing. Maybe try a cake making class and put all your effort it.

It can be something from your passion or just something new to have fun. Chances are you will be bad among all other participants. But that’s not the point, you are here and you want to do something new. Pushing your boundaries and making yourself vulnerable.

Maybe you want to experience a taste of something new which looks great from outside or you want to take your hobbies to the next level. Either way it is a great learning, fun and must experience.

Nritya Shakti Dance Workshop

There was a 3 day dance workshop – intense, everyday for more than 8 hours with total of 30 minutes break scattered.

And the dancing was full on – using every muscle of your body. I wanted to join in for 3 days but only had 1 day available. So instead of thinking too much, I enrolled for 1 day. Because it is better than none.

And boy oh boy, it was difficult, painful and uncomfortable. But at the same time, it was thrilling, fun and challenge. I did the dance routine and followed everything as instructed. Sure, I wasn’t the best in the group. But I got to know my standing as to where I dance and what it requires to become good, better and great.

Also the styles were different throughout the day, so it helped me focus on which style to move ahead in my personal journey of dance.


When you see an opportunity which will feel like an okay one – jump in. Don’t keep on postponing it because sure there will be more such opportunities but you are denying yourself of something which you can do now.

And when you do something urgent – the actions, thinking and the progress happens now.

So keep on a look for intense opportunities and jump in whenever there is a chance because it will add to your experiences, learning and maybe helps in making decisions on how to move forward with your hobby.

Good And Bad

Yes, being a teacher my mind sees whenever something happens wrong. And yes, it is necessary for me to share those – the workshop was good but there were few things where it could be improved.

So, I will let them know. But in larger perspective I got to know how you can do some messy things while organizing big events. So I will take care of those when I will be the one organizing big events in future.

In any case, learning of the mistake of others helps you in some way going forward. So go on and enroll in something uncomfortable.