7 Simple Checklist To Upgrade Your Lifestyle

Wake Up Earlier Than Early 

The normal tendency with each one of us is to limit our time ratio,  that way we only end up getting fewer things done. 

Suppose you need to go to a meeting at 7 in the morning, what do we do next? 

We calculate the time it will take for us to get ready like 1 hour and so we set our alarm clock at 6 in the morning. 

Now, analyzing the situation what we have done to get prepared for the meeting in the morning. 

NOTHING, yes since we realize it now, we can do better. 

Set yourself up for a buffer of at least half an hour or as I prefer 1 hour. 

There are many things which you can do to grow your impact in the meeting in this time frame. Taking into consideration, morning role-playing does magic, we can do research, practice speech, or simply do a breathing exercise to get a better hold of ourselves. 

Once we start doing it, we will end up getting better at our jobs, meetings, interviews, relationship goals or anything which you wish to accomplish that day. 

To guarantee you this works, I have YOU yourself as proof, try and share your experience with me. 

Stretch Your Muscles 

Hmm… I am not in any YOGA class, am I..? 

To be honest, you are in one which demands extreme flexibility at any given point and if you aren’t it punishes you with failures and setbacks. 

Yes, it is called LIFE. 

Literally you need to stretch your muscles so you are good with your body. Sometimes we are tightened up in our body and sometimes in thought. 

Our body needs an equal care so we don’t mess up. 

You have your limitations with stretches you can do for now, but as you keep practicing it you will get better with it. 

Remember, if you are not good for something you want badly, you may keep pushing and improving yourself, if you are eager for it and working day in and out, you will get it. 

Keep doing your easy stretches so you are FIT to go and don’t jump out of bed to office. You will feel much better that way. 

Indulge In Your Preparation 

Before you go to bed last night, have a set of things to be done for your next day. 

There shouldn’t be any time lag in thinking what to do. It is easy to get lost in the morning newspaper or any deep philosophical thought, but we haven’t woke up for that. 

List down your train of thoughts, which would be active for the morning routine, be it a practice with mirror for an interview, easing yourself for a proposal day or setting up a presentation. 

Challenges can vary, but your attitude towards it should remain the same. Practice doing some preparation which is pre-defined so you find yourself doing things spontaneously. 

It will benefit you to keep you FOCUSED in the morning and get the best out of your time. 

Scratch Your Brain 

Ever wondered why you are not getting to the solution of your problem, maybe it is the problem doesn’t have one of your favourable solutions, or you are looking for it when you are in worse condition. 

Let it be your math problem or a relationship our brain, body works great when we are free from any train of thought. 

After sleep, we have just collected ourselves, we are yet to recollect our identity of self and location. Once we drink some water, stretch our muscles, we get a hold of ourselves. 

Now, that you are in kind-of NEUTRAL mode, you are good to think and make some important decision. 

Yes, be it any tough call, you have the best of your neurons working for it. You will find a new perspective to look at it. 

Write down what are your action plans for your problem like, “I need to say sorry to Jeanna”. 

Once you are in the middle of the day, you would realize how tough it was for you to make such a simple choice, because you were preoccupied with some notions and not ready to see the other balance sheet. 

Once you execute the solution, you will see a more satisfied self. 

Be happy, you made the choice. 

Experience Extra Hours 

You have two choices, either you stay up at night or get up early in the morning. 

In both cases, you might sleep the same amount, but in one, you are working in night hours and in another doing the task in broad sunlight. 

We love to be night owls, but our bodies have adjusted for us to see darkness as a sign of sleep and rest, so we go a little lazy and less creative at night hours. 

The best way to experience this is to test it. 

I did experience a boost in my success rate once I realized that I was performing better and with speed when I did it in the morning than at late at night. 

Remember to do the best of things in the morning like creative stuff, and leave boring stuff like moving stuff, fixing machines, running for errands in the later half of day. 

Get more out of the day, just by shuffling your work as per the time of day. Share your success stories with me, I am eager to listen. 

Eat Healthy Breakfast 

Our health is our prime focus, but what does a morning breakfast contribute in our SUCCESS? 

Energy is the prime need for any activity we do, when we sleep we are not consuming anything for straight 8 hours, that is a lot of time without any food. 

So, we need to drink loads of water and healthy items in our breakfast. Once we get a dose of that, our brain gets ticking and we get wonderful results for our tasks. 

Remember, things like juice, fruits are instant energizer’s so make sure you have them in your breakfast table. 

Miss a breakfast, ruin that day. You won’t do that, right. 

Tell, I Love You 

Your parents, spouse or your kids are your lifelines and you want them to have a wonderful day. Go ahead and tell them how much you love them. 

You need not do it each day, but keep doing it. It doesn’t hurt doing and the effects don’t get any less. 

It will make their day and they will be full of emotions for you and your presence. 

That’s all nice, but what does it benefit me? 

Don’t worry, I got you covered. 

Yes, our brain does release a good happy hormone when we give happiness to our loved ones. Any day couldn’t get better with a happy YOU. 

Things for the day will turn out good for you this way. 


Wow, 7 Growth Hacks, I am impressed. 

We often consume a lot of things online, but only apply a few to our life. You can’t pass this information just like that, can you? 

Don’t afford to lose you another day just like that. 

ACT on it, YOU are AWESOME.