7 Checklists For An Awesome Event

Be it your birthday, anniversary or the reunion – if you are planning an event then make sure it rocks. Often it is okay, rarely it is exceptional, and there are few good events in between.

The surefire way to shine is to make the best event possible. And for this, you can approach in various ways. The best doesn’t mean it is the most expensive one. Instead, it is the most memorable one.

The one which makes you go – wow and hits your emotional chord.

How do you plan such an event – is there a guide or manual which you can follow. Or you go with your intuition and hope for the best.

Sure, you may try different things, and if you are trying to make it as an art, then you have to risk. But regardless, you can follow the common practise or the norm to make sure the event flows like a smooth river.

Here are 10 checklists for you to follow so that any event which you plan or be a coordinator, you will rock and so will your event.

1. Be clear in what you are expecting as a gift. Is cash acceptable? What about gifts? Is there an amount limit. Address the questions in a fun manner and print it on the invitation. It avoids any awkward communication about gifts and makes your life easier on the receiving end.

2. Always keep buffer time between two activities. Because no matter the promises or planning, something will go wrong at the last minute. Then your buffer time will help you not to lose your calm.

3. Don’t compromise on the food. It is the most important thing apart from your event’s theme, which people will be looking forward to. And when it is good, they will keep praising the event long after. Remember, the sweets are the deal at the end. Be extra cautious about making sure they are the best.

4. Toilets need to be clean and easily accessible. Since the footfall will be high, consider at least 2 separate toilet facility while finalizing the location. There shouldn’t be a line to pee. If it happens, that means you didn’t have enough toilet.

5. The timeline of the activities planned should be on the invitation card. Also, it would be on the screen at the event so the people can prepare themselves accordingly.

6. Always keep a backup of the music system, audio devices and shooting lenses. Book a few extra people. Even if they fell ill, there is a replacement quickly on standby. Also, if there is a complication – the other person can take over with her equipment.

7. If you are host, make sure – you meet everyone at least once. Don’t make them feel like they have been left out. Encourage social talking and activity. Remember, the more connected and happy everyone feels, the more successful your event becomes.

That’s it. Remember to enjoy, smile and forgiving throughout the event. It will reflect on your event’s mood. And your event will be cherished as amazing like you.