5 Ways Google Docs Has Became An Integral Part Of My Life

Being an writer, you need your comfort space. Of course, even on worse conditions – you will write.

But if you can find a space where you write better, write more then you should find that space for yourself. For some, it is the environment, for some it is a specific type of pen. For me, it is Google docs – it helps me write better, faster and makes me invisible.

The Nunito Font Is Awesome

I discovered ‘Nunito-Semi bold’ font on Google docs. And I fell instantly in love with them.

For now, I write most of my stuff on docs and the font ‘Nunito’ inspires me. I a big believer that a great aesthetic helps in lifting up with the mood. And the fingers keeps on typing for longer.

It Saves Automatically

I write and I don’t intend to click on saving the document in between. The biggest fear anyone could have is their work being wiped out.

So this seemingly simple feature makes me not lose my focus and simply write like a boss. Every word is being saved like lightning. So there is almost zero risk of my work being wiped out in case of power shut down or any such unfortunate events.

Perfectly Whitish

The writing space is white and the background is ‘off-white’. It helps me keep my focus on the text in front of me.

Unlike Microsoft docs, which has bluish background, Google docs does amazing function of showing maximum white space. It somehow elevates my mood. And makes my writing shine.

WordPress Compatibility

I blog at wordpress. So it would be a nightmare to write tonnes of words on a software. And the end result not being compatible with your blog editor.

I write at Google docs and paste my work on wordpress blog. And voila, like magic, everything seems great. As if I have done all the formatting already. Less hassle for me and a great feature for WordPress bloggers.

Same Experience Everywhere

There is a uniformity aspect over here. Since, it is maintained online, no matter the hardware, it displays the same on all machines.

So it saves me from getting confused, not worrying much and simply writing my heart out. It is crazy how so much software for writing is available online. My favorite for now is Google docs.

What’s yours? Either way, keep writing and shining.