30 Rejections But 1 Success

As the day went by the climate started becoming warmer. And you became more romantic as time passed by. Holding hands you walked with her along the ocean. You sat at the corner and watched the sunset sipping down coconut water.

Promises were once again made, you both sat in silence for a long time. Enjoying each others company while watching the nature’s beauty is a bliss.

You revisited the memory when you first met, the day of propose and sharing the news with the family.

Now when you talk about it, all of this seems magical. Because there were so many roadblocks that you can’t imagine going through it now. But you did it because you were in love.

And they say, love has the power to lift mountains. Once you determine that the path you want to walk on is same, you will reach the destination. But it ain’t about reaching there anymore, you enjoy the ups and down with the journey.

Society, pressure from the peers and the disbelief within yourself made you reconsider your choice. But then you stayed strong. And slowly one step at a time, making small victories you made it here where you can stand along with your love partner and be happy that you made a good decision.

Back To Reality

But none of this ever happened. You are here with the garage opening and in your car thinking about all of this.

You are alone, scared and sad because you have noone at home to look after you. Being a community creature you long for someone but there ain’t any. You don’t live with family, you don’t have any lover and your friends are mostly married. So that leaves you with lonely time which makes you sad.

The day you proposed to your girl, she said yes. But then it was followed by a moment of silence – how this can be turned into reality.

You knew of all the challenges and so did she. And you sat down together knowing that this is a tough journey. Of course you both love each other however that is not enough, never is.

Rejections hurt and failure is something difficult to come terms with. And when you said this to your family, you faced immediate rejection, a hard one. So you tried and failed – eventually giving up.

Maybe if you had persisted, you would have got many more failures. And maybe the one success which you thought when you first fell in love.

However the fear of failure kept you from trying with hardships and facing many failures. When do you quit isn’t something I can tell you. It is something which you have to figure out. Is it worth the effort?

Everyone’s answer is different. For example, if I am in love then I can’t fight for 2 years to be together. Maybe 6 months, that’s it. If I want to get published in a reputed blog, I will chase them for about a year and then quit.

So the mileage might vary. However the key here is to know about it consciously so there is no ‘what if’.

Whatever happens you will be content that you tried what you have thought of, so whatever you end up with failure or success – you can move on.

It Changes

What is success to you changes so often that it is the process you should stick to and not the end goal.

For example, when you are young, you might want a million dollars. And you will start chasing that. Slowly you will realize that a family to support, friends to enjoy are essential part of your life. It is okay if you earn little less then 1 million dollars but if you have no friends on a weekend then it is something to worry.

Life’s a journey where you take multiple paths and often they are filled with failures. Success doesn’t taste nice unless you have been facing rejections many times.

Go ahead and let those 30 rejections come, face them and learn from it. That 1 success will be worth it. And if all else fails, the journey is the reward.

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