3 Remarkable Ways To Market Your Brand

Either you are a commodity supplier or the brand. There is a stark difference between the two-

  • Commodities are bought because it serves a basic purpose like making dal. You don’t care about the company which makes them.
  • A brand is bought because it serves something beyond its basic purpose. For example, you buy Nike shoes or clothes because you feel like you are in a club of athletes.

So you might choose a different company for dal but not for shoes. Because the main reason you are buying Nike is – it is NIKE.

If you are selling a commodity then the best way to win is to sell cheap.

On the other hand, being a brand means people are specifically looking for your name. That can’t be beaten by ’sorting by price.’

The First Step

Once you have figured out that you are a brand or desire to be, then the next step is to market yourself accordingly.

Of course, you won’t reach everyone and that’s the point. You need enough fans for your business. They will buy, share and stick with you for a longer time.

But they don’t know you yet. Let’s fix this now. Here are 3 rock-solid ways you can market your brand and become an awesome brand.

Everywhere But

There are many different outlets you can choose to market your products, stories and motto for which you stand for.

The list goes on and on:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Magazines
  • In-store Manager
  • TikTok
  • Vine

Wait a second…

Vine is no more. See that’s the point – the outlets either die out or doesn’t make sense after some time. So if you put your energy in Vine then it becomes difficult to transition.

So the ideal way to market your brand is to experiment and find where you find the most engagement and buyers.

Then do 70 per cent of your marketing on that platform but make sure to keep your brand active in at least three other major platforms.

Because if your major platform outlet dies the users are likely to shift to one of the 3 major platforms. That’s how you make sure you are always in touch and making a stable brand image.

Call The CEO

If you buy something from Amazon and you are unsatisfied with the product then you can call or text or email the customer service. And voila your issue will be resolved almost immediately.

What’s going on here – this is the most important thing you can do to maintain and spread the word about your brand.

Amazon had made a name for themselves because they have built rock-solid customer service and it’s easy to connect with them.

Another example, when you go to a KFC store and you are not satisfied with your order then the in-store manager will resolve your issues immediately.

For KFC, you need to connect with the manager and they practice this.

So the best way to highlight that you are a brand who is generous, caring and customer-centric is to have a rock-solid customer service experience.

To do so you need to make it easy so customers can reach you. Also, different protocols should be easy to follow.

For example

  • If you are not happy with order, email here
  • If you want to arrange something special for occasions then call in here
  • If you have feedback then call the CEO, here is the number

Many companies shy away and try to do everything they can to minimize the interaction with customers.

Most of the times, all they are looking for is the human touch.

What’s Your Story

The ’Why’ you do business is an important question to incorporate in your story.

But what exactly is the story?

It is the phrase or narrative you believe in and wants your brand to reflect that.

For example,

Here is a generic shoe company:

We sell the best shoes and you get the best deal.

Here is a story-centric shoe company:

For every fantastic shoe you buy from us, we will donate one pair to the underprivileged.

And there’s the magic sauce. Another example is Charcoal Shaving and other things – for real men.

They focus on the narrative of being a real man and what they use.

When a potential customer comes across your brand, your story should connect with her. If you can do this then the next thing is to incorporate that story in your product.

For example, if your story is inclusiveness and your product doesn’t cater to people of different ideologies then that’s a mismatch.

Test, rinse and reflect on your narrative – you need to talk about it in every conversation of your brand.


Your brand is your baby. You need to take care of it, give required attention and push to be independent.

Yes, your brand will become an identity of itself. For example, Apple continues to exist and grow despite Steve Jobs not leading. You are now buying the iPhone because it’s Apple.

Keep your emotions aside, take a bullet if you need to sacrifice your popularity because your brand will stay forever that way.

All the best. Do share your vision, story and promise of your brand you are creating.