21 Ways To Live Life

Often you live life as if it’s a serious business. But there is a better way and you can do more in your life. Here’s how…

  • Enjoy foods till 30, after that your teeth or health might suffer
  • Exercise and meditate even for half an hour everyday
  • Have at least one friend to share, choose them wisely
  • Do a job and start saving early
  • Take risks only when it isn’t life threatening and most risks are fine to take
  • Travel a lot – often trains helps a lot when you are financially not well
  • Smile more, remember happiness is a choice
  • Forgive more, learn from the setbacks and failures
  • Try many things which you want to do, often when you have time. Life is to be lived.
  • Take life insurance, life is hnexpected
  • Don’t gamble if you can’t afford to lose what you have bet
  • If you fail to earn lots of money then you failed at that. It doesn’t imply anything of how good of a person you are
  • Brush, floss and mouthwash everyday- your teeth’s are most valuable when you get old
  • Do everything something which will help you accomplish long term goal you have
  • It’s okay if you don’t have passion. Remember you can cultivate them if you want
  • Comparison with others is a bad idea. Someone will always be better in every respect
  • Do things for thrill of it, because it helps you think and have an impact
  • Write a book, even if no one busy, the process is worth up time. To understand yourself and your thoughts
  • Nothing society tells you is a law or rule. Like marriage, kids, money in bank account. Do if you want
  • Your emotions and how you see world in your mind is everything. See better, think rational and clear mind often
  • Remember you are awesome – enjoy the ride