2020 A Year To Look Ahead

Yes, resolutions don’t stick. But you do start them. Because everyone is doing it. Hence, you feel peer pressure to follow along.

If you consider, you should start a resolution. But don’t wait for new year. Whenever you feel you are ready for some change, resolve and start taking action.

It can be simple things like learning to bake cookies. If you feel baking is amazing, don’t wait until a year comes to an end to start your baking. Enrol now, and start baking. By the time current year ends, you will have done the baking.

Regardless, here are some things I wish to look forward in 2020

  • 1. Complete writing my book which I started in 2019
  • 2. Fall in love
  • 3. Travel for 2 weeks
  • 4. Change the job
  • 5. Write 100 articles on podcast project blog

Looking forward, and for you – start small now. Remember, doing little things today is better than hoping for big things tomorrow.