17 Things Which You Should Try

At least once….

  1. Fall in love, it’s an amazing feeling. It can be a quick attraction or slow buildup.
  2. Go on trips with friends and family. Both are important – they work amazingly when you pay attention to both.
  3. Ride a bicycle. It’s the easiest way to understand risk, reward and support. Best when you learn while being a kid.
  4. Volunteer to do something for free. It’s an amazing feeling and you learn so much about yourself.
  5. Enrol in something random – baking, wrestling or language learning. It’s the easiest way to feel like a beginner. And it keeps you thrilled.
  6. Meditate for 100 days in a row. Over the course, you will rediscover yourself and clear your mind.
  7. Get bored intentionally. In this day and age of abundance, you feel tempted to keep yourself busy. Take some time out to just be.
  8. Travel alone. Often you feel like you need someone to cherish those memories. But travelling alone is as thrilling.
  9. Eat lots of foods – try them all. Because you will find different flavours and dishes which you will like, and do it while you are young.
  10. Write down everyday – anything. Share with the world if you want to. Either way, it will help you clear your mind and think better.
  11. Help a friend in need. That’s when your friendship is tested.
  12. Wake up in the morning without an alarm clock. It’s an amazing feeling and you feel fresh and recharged.
  13. Exercise all different things to find something which you can do everyday. So you have the habit of exercising till your old age.
  14. Upgrade your skill – so that you are up to date with changing times.
  15. Play a sport – maybe many sports so that you learn team work, discipline and get fit.
  16. Cook food for your loved ones. It’s a beautiful process to cook and see your loved ones enjoying. It’s an amazing bonding moment.
  17. Take out time to read perspectives opposite of what you believe. It’s worth your time because it makes you think better and come up with more rational ideas.

And once you have tried once, maybe try again.