10 Ways For A Better Work Culture

Honor The Time-Off

Yes, you want a group of people who are hardcore when it comes to delivering on the values. Working relentlessly to make sure you ship the project.

But at the same time, you need to realize everyone has their own personal space with friends, family and self. Each day if you push them to work hard on the projects and as a result if they miss their personal space – then they will grow to resent you or your company.

Also it is bad for their personal health. Everyone needs a good work-life balance. Because it is the life for which you work hard for.

Talk Clearly

If you are the boss then focus on making sure that others have understood everything. There shouldn’t come a time that the employee’s feel there was a lack of communication. Or the terms of work wasn’t stated clearly.

For example, lets say you are going to deduct points if they take more lunch time. Then make sure everyone knows this. Maybe send them an e-mail whenever they miss so they have the documented awareness. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to them.

If you are the employee then have a word with your immediate boss regarding their expectation. There should be a clear role, outcome tied with your appraisal/bonus. Make sure you know that and make sure to send email to your boss on each mini-milestone. This will help to make sure your boss remembers her part of the bargain at the end of year.

Leave Your Ego

In the first example, I described a way which seems bureaucratic. Because it is in most cases. Chances are you will find yourself at a place where you need to play by the rules.

Now, if you want to grow the company along with yourself there is no place for ego. You need to see everyone else as an important part of your project and help them. On occasion take help – it doesn’t make you small. This is the best way to grow and learn a lot about humans, emotions and develop a strong work culture.

Welcome New Team Members

When you join as a new team or company you feel nervousness. It takes time to adjust as per the new standards. And sometimes the rules and expectations aren’t made clear to you.

These are some of the problems you faced when you were new. Don’t let this trend continue. Take the initiative and make the next new team members feel comfortable. Whatever problems you faced – take note of it and then share them with the new members. So they don’t have to be clueless for a week or two.

The faster you make them ease – the faster you can carry on with your projects.

Be Humble

If you show off that you know a lot of things then you will come up as an arrogant person. Resulting in others not liking your presence. And in some cases, your colleagues won’t share stuff with you because they don’t want to engage.

You need to do the polar opposite. Highlight the good things, knowledgeable actions and witty plan of others. Give others the limelight. Let them shine. Slowly and steady your work will speak for you. Don’t belittle your accomplishment or wealth of knowledge by boasting about it.

Work On Projects

Giving a small portion of work to an employee is fine. But that employee won’t be able to commit because she can’t see the whole picture. Also it might happen that they aren’t the best at doing that specific task – and you misidentified them.

Instead make a team of people and give the team a project. This way everyone can contribute to their best capabilities. And they will be accountable because the project has the onus on them.

Also, make sure there is appropriate monetary benefit attached with the teams final output.

Be Transparent

There are 2 types of work culture. One is where everyone is bureaucratic and go by the books. The place where your boss is chasing some numbers. So the employees find a way to churn out that number at expense of other valuable things.

The second work culture is one where you work collectively to solve a problem. No egos and bureaucracy. No culture of considering yourself superior. Ditch the labels like “Sir” or “boss”. When your employees are comfortable in sharing the problems and you are open to listen and implement good inputs – your company grows at an exponential rate.

Empathy, bonding and care are the base for a good human relationship which is foundation in every work culture.

Smile More

When you smile, you immediately disarm the person in front of you. When you force yourself to be contained in fixed forced smile mode in office environment – you lose the energy.

Let your human bonding grow – smile, eat together, share personal stories. Make connection which lasts and focus on the work like it is a project. You do it for the benefit of completion and shipping. And everyone is an equal shareholder.

Make sure you spread the virus of smile, it is recommended.

Give Your Full Potential

If you find yourself holding a lot while delivering then chances are you don’t find the work exciting. Or the company isn’t giving you the deserved rewards attached to it.

Either way, it is best if you can find other companies for full-time or part-time where you can give your 100 percent. Because that will enable you to explore yourself, reach newer heights and grow your skill-set.

The best is to do something on the weekends to fuel your passions. It can start small. The idea is to give you the option to open up.

Embrace Diversity

The more diverse your workforce the better is the inputs. Different perspectives bring in creativity, ideas and fuels the passion.

So when hiring look past your bias and hire based on the ability of the employee to rock.

Adding on the above, once you have someone working alongside you, treat them as equal. Take their inputs, share the feedback and make them feel home.

Help new employees be comfortable. Instantly see them as colleague – not competition.