10 Things You Can Do To Make World A Better Place

What would happen if you got a superpower tomorrow like supermen, would you change the world then.

Don’t wait, here are 10 things you can start to make the world a better place. And it is amazing to do them. Here we go:

Protect The Weak

When you are a powerful person, it is tempting to use it to your own advantage. Or worse to put others down, make them feel bad and feel supreme.

This happens in many contexts of religion, money, gender and other areas. But if you want to make the culture a better thing then you need to open your arms to weak people. When you are a strongman, your strength lies in saving, uplifting and leveling up the weak.

Be Calm

Have you ever wondered what would you do if get a superpower? Let me tell you – there is one superpower which is easily accessible.

Staying calm when things turn 360 degrees. It is easy to flip out and blurt out angry words and act in an angry tone. Turns out you do all the bad things when you get angry. And when you stay calm – it makes the situation a whole lot better. Try it and the stress level on your life will tend to zero.

Share Food

Eating food alone is a sin. You are a social animal and you need connections to feel better, have a better time and make the world a better place for everyone.

So as long as you eat food with someone, your mood will become awesome, there will be many awesome conversations and the connection can transform into some deeper meaning.

Support NGOs

Of course, the life you live is yours. And what to do with your time or/and money is your decision.

But helping the people in need is the biggest single act you can do. So go and support some NGO for a cause you feel close to. If you have money to spare then donate the amount. Or if you have time to spare, go and volunteer. Humanity needs you.

Create Awareness

If not anything, you can create awareness about a cause or something you know. Because sharing is the second best thing you can do after gaining knowledge.

Keeping the wisdom you know to yourself doesn’t do any good. You need to share it with the world. That’s how we as a humanity have progressed so much. Because now the world is connected with the internet.

Good Citizen

You don’t have set out to change the world. Because it ain’t possible. You can’t touch everyone’s lives in a positive manner.

But you can impact the world in which you live in. Your friends, family. Maybe just a single person. If not anything, try to be a good citizen and live your life as honestly and with good intention as possible. If everyone does that then the world will automatically become a better place.


There are tons of culture all around the world. And the more you explore, the more clarity you will get in life.

New perspectives help you shape the ideas, decisions and become a better person. Travel the local community, local areas, different states and if you can a country. At the basic level, you will find that we are all connected.

Create Something

Let your inner artist out and create something. It can be writing, painting, dance video or being a leader on cause you care about.

Do more than just doing the job where you feel you don’t belong. See inside and let that artist out to bring out ideas and passion. Make something which is dear to you, make something you can – doesn’t matter if it succeeds or fails. Because you can create again.

Pay It Forward

Helping someone is a great thing to do. But what if you can create a chain of good events which keeps on helping people.

For example, you pay the food price of a random stranger. And then ask them to do the same. So it will keep on continuing and make the world a better place. Paying it forward is possibly the best chain events which can happen.

Be Forgiving

Mistakes happen. Humans do them often. Not all of them should be forgiven. But most can be.

So if you have a fight over someone, you can remember it forever. Or forgive and move on. Forgiving is the second best superpower after staying calm. It takes a big heart and the right mind to forgive someone.