10 Things You Can Do To Change The Culture

By doing things which will have enormous impact.

Teach A Kid

New generations keep coming. Evolution works because your genes need to travel. The next generations will do things and make an impact.

But before that, you need to do your bit. You have grown wise and tall because your mother, teacher and friends have helped you. By teaching, guiding and pushing you to make better decisions. Now, it’s your time to pass that one. If you want to make an impact, teach a kid. It can be teaching your younger siblings or a kid in the neighbourhood or someone from your friends.

Be involved with them and teach them good things. How to live life, make decisions and do fun things to make them evolve.

Whenever you meet a kid, be ready to play and teach a few things subtle. And you would have made an enormous impact.

Donate Money To A Cause

NGOs and non-profit organizations exist for a reason. There is a lack when it comes to many causes. So they pop up – often by someone passionate about a certain cause. It can be cancer, education or clean water.

They rely on donations from good people so they can keep doing the amazing work. And you as a citizen will also be passionate about something. For example, I am passionate about clean water. Because in my area, getting enough water and clean water at times during the monsoon is a struggle. So, I gravitate towards this cause more. Because I have been through it.

But I am no one, and with my few bucks, there can’t be a big change in society. Here come the non-profit organizations. Your money might be small but coupled with many others like you is a big pool of money. They have the resources and guides in place – so they can achieve much more than you will ever will with the same amount of money.

To make an impact, you can donate whatever you can afford per month to a charity of your choice.

Practice Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga

If you are calm, in the moment and at peace, then your interaction with other people will be amazing. Every day, you interact with many people, and your mood will reflect upon them. When you say bad things without thinking, it can ruin someone’s day.

So to make an impact, you have to improve yourself too. So you are at your best self – every day. At the least, you are cool most of the times. The best way to go about it is to practice yoga and meditation. This will help you achieve mindfulness. You will judge less, react less and speak in a better manner.

When you react, you go into a frenzy. When you judge, you start thinking bad, when you speak badly you have to first think bad.

Of course, you don’t have become a guru or highly trained yogist. The goal is to do it every day for a minimum of 15 minutes to 30 minutes. And practice it all day. Slowly, it will become a part of you. And your impact will be multiplied.

Write An Online Blog

Writing is a beautiful hack. When you are unsure about anything, write it down – it brings in clarity. Also, when you develop a habit of writing things down every day – you will be forced to understand, take useful bits and then jot it down.

Diary is something you used to do. Now, it’s online time. So get a blog and start writing. Because what you write can be searched by anyone. It can reach 1 new person or a few million. Sure, don’t write with that in mind. But let your writing be online. So you can reference it later, share it with friends and interact with others.

You have expertise within you. Also, daily you learn something. Go ahead and write about that. Even if one person reads your blog and gets only one useful thing – that’s still amazing. And regardless, you are getting clarity for yourself just by writing. So you become a better person, make better things and decide better. Which, in turn, helps the people around you.

If nothing else, your writing may provide entertainment to others or for yourself. And that is an amazing contribution too.

Offer Help In Distress

Difficult times might come by surprise. Or there might come some calamity in someone’s family. At such times, a helping hand is like magic.

If you are lucky to have extra resources, do help without any expectation or conditions. Of course, you can’t help everyone. But if you have to choose then first choose your neighbours, friends and close relatives in that order. So if you see your neighbour is having difficulty paying school fees – to the extent that they might need to withdraw their kids. Then go and help, if you can. Or ask some of your friends to chip in.

What goes around, comes around. Today someone else in your vicinity is in distress, tomorrow it can be you.

Be generous and be helpful if you can. Don’t go beyond what you can afford. But be there. If not financially, support emotionally.

You are lucky this time. Spread your luck by being there for other people in distress. Remember, you don’t and can’t help everyone. Even 1 family helped is amazing. If everyone thinks like these, then we as a society will be better off. And you need to do your part. So you can have an impact on bending the culture.

Spend Time With Kids

Kids are innocent, they are cute and make you smile. They don’t have an understanding of the world. They are happy for no reason and sad for no reason. They don’t have the baggage of the world, they don’t know the right versus wrong.

If there is such a kid in your home or neighbours house, do find time to play with them. Because they are the most natural stress busters. You will have a great time. And no matter what, you can’t get angry at them. Or be angry around them. A smile will come on your face. And you will forget the worries which you might be carrying.

When you have stress, baggage and too much thinking going on – it reflects on your behaviour. People around you can feel it. And you can ruin their moment too.

But when you relieve yourself by engaging with a kid, you are a happy person. Hence, if you have a family and there is a kid – play with her. It has the most net positive effect on everyone.

Start A Free Class

You realize that you have 2 hours of free time every Sunday. And you end up watching some movies or just surfing through the television.

What if you turn this into something impactful. You ask kids in your neighbourhood what something they find difficult is. Let’s say you get the answers as ‘English’ and ‘Mathematics‘. Now, you have to decide what is something you can teach.

Organize a free class – the venue can be booked or can be a public place like a park or temple. Inform the students that you will be taking a free class. And every Sunday, teach them. Over six months, if you are successful in teaching even one kid, then that’s amazing. If no one comes, fine – you can try something else. Or if they want to learn something you don’t know – then you can share this idea with your friend who knows that subject and have free time.

Nonetheless, you tried. And it’s amazing how many people need extra classes. Language speaking is something which is almost always in demand. So, you can offer that if you are good at language speaking.

If nothing else, you will gain experience doing research and organizing an event – that’s an amazing experience to have.

Organize A Free Meal, Also Cook

People go hungry all the time. Especially if you are living in a middle-class neighbourhood. Sometimes, the money isn’t there. So you eat only one meal.

Hence, when temples or rich people organize free meals, people flock. Because it’s an opportunity to eat good meals. And also eat a lot. Probably the only meal for a few people. Hence, such things play a vital role in society.

You can contribute to this great thing by donating to the people who frequently organize this. Some do weekly, some once in six months and some only at festivals.

Also, you can organize a team of family and friends to contribute money. And organize a meal by yourself. Because that’s an amazing feeling. Also, if you could help in cooking and serving, it will give you immense happiness. The act of giving is huge. And brings a sense of fulfilment inside of you.

This is inspired by the Sikh community culture of Seva. Where they do this many times. And with such dedication. Remember, you can buy all the gifts. But it is when you give a gift that you get immense joy. Seeing them happy. Your happiness gets multifold by giving. And the meal is the best gift.

Offer Help

Of course, you should help in distress. But every day, you get the opportunity to help someone. The things which you can offer can be small. But it has a huge impact on the people you help. And also upon yourself.

In the bus, you might find someone who needs to change. You can offer that. A simple offer like giving your water bottle to the thirsty is huge kindness. Whatever things you do in small quantities add up, and they become a part of you.

Hence, you should be kind, be generous and have a calming attitude. And whenever you see a moment to help someone – be upfront if you can help. It adds up and makes you a better person. Also, there are direct and indirect impacts on society as a whole.

Send A Handwritten Letter

For your loved ones, write a letter by hand once in a while. In the digitization of the world, the instant connection – often you miss those letters which were crafted by humans.

On occasions like mother’s day or anniversary or farewell, consider writing a letter by hand. It has an enormous impact.

The key is to be thoughtful, kind and compassionate towards whom you are writing the letter. And also, be amazing.