Your Secret To Success And The Truth

Successful people always get the question of ‘what’s their secret’. And they give a varied answer.

Often those are rehearsed. And many times they want to showcase a certain type of branding. But they do it anyway because it is better to lie and look good than to say the truth and look like an alien.

Anyway, those interviews are designed to be entertainment centric. So you have a good laugh and move on.

Let’s find out what their real secret is…

The Magical Pen

Writing takes patience. Because you need to sit down, write and resist getting distracted. Often, it is a lonely job.

You write all by yourself and if you are like many writers then you need a space which is personal to you. And you sit there like a zombie typing out words which don’t make sense.

When you read it back, it is rubbish. So you edit it out and write more. The more you write, the worse you think of yourself.

But after writing enough, you see that you can write good enough. And that hope keeps you going.

The cycle of writing bad thing continues until you come across something as fresh, insightful and entertaining. You don’t become perfect, you are always approaching. The nervousness still exists because you will be judged based on your best writing. The pressure is too much but so is the reward – to change, inspire and make a dent in your culture.

So it becomes natural that when you think of becoming a writer – you want help. About the secret to writing for so long.

Facing harsh critics, writing without quitting and delivering on deadlines, what’s the secret of the writing word.

  • The magical pen

Your Talent

The magical pen isn’t the answer you got. But that’s the answer you want. A shortcut to becoming a good enough writer fast.

But that’s a trap. If you keep looking for a shortcut then you will find none. Because there isn’t any. There are things to help you but the core responsibility of work lies with you.

There is no way you can skip the bad writing days. You have to sit down and write every day to become better.

Yes, you can find guidelines on what bad writing is and what good writing looks like. Also, how to structure your day. But the basics remain the same – get up and keep writing.

Do the hard work, get better in the process. Look out for tips on management, take different perspectives. But ultimately, do the work. The same is true for every other thing – if you want to become a good enough runner then start running. All other tips won’t make you a good runner, you have to get up and do your runs.

Often the underlying issue is that you are hiding behind that shortcut. So that you can tell yourself that you failed because you don’t know the magical thing.

While in reality, you didn’t even try. Do the work and if you fail then you are sure about it and try something else. Find out yourself if you want to go down the path…


But my writing gets improved with some magical pen. Yes, that seems like a paradox. Trust me it ain’t.

I love fonts, UI and a good aesthetic. And it helps me write better. As in when I see the words in a particular font, it makes me feel good. But that alone isn’t the reason I am able to write.

Writing is the first thing that comes to me every day because it is a part of my habit and discipline.

Rest everything – UI, fonts are accessories. They are good to have. To understand this, I can write on a typewriter and I will still write similarly every day. But anytime, I will prefer my laptop because that is convenient for me. Another example is that I can anytime, write on paper. But ultimately I will have to retype on a laptop to publish – so I might as well write on a laptop.

The point is there might be a specific pen or board or paper a writer might use and say it helps.

But the core is that they will write regardless and those are extras. So go ahead and focus on your core thing – rest are optional.


Want to be a historian then go out and read history books, works, and analysis. Or do you want to become a musician then go out and practice all the notes, play difficult songs and try to come up with original notes or lyrics.

The path to anything good enough is with practice – often which involves years of persistent.

Sometimes you might find that something isn’t for you. Fine, because you tried hard you can go on to the next thing you can do.

This is way better than living in the delusion that you don’t have access to some magical secret.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson used to get many comments for his training schedule and diet plan. Because those people claimed they can look like Rock only if they do the same things.

So ‘The Rock’ dropped the 4-hour long video with his exercise and diet routine. And those comments vanished. But almost no one became huge like ‘The Rock’.

Stop giving exercises and start working. Take tips, guidance, and help – but you gotta do the work.