You Should Definitely Read Books

Books are an amazing extension for a writer to go in deep thought. Many people complain that the book could have been shorter. But traditionally, it was a mandate that there should be a fixed length for different genres.

So if a writer could tell a story in 45000 words, it might be rejected. So she had to write more filler words if the heart of the story was already written.

Yes, you should write a book when there is enough material for you to write many pages. But putting certain constraints ruins the process.

Now that you are accustomed to books of 100 pages and more, a 90-page book doesn’t feel right. It is difficult for people to think of books outside their usual appearance. Slowly writers are challenging the norm with the internet because now there are ebooks. And unlike the hard copy, it comes in an electronic form so the readers like you are more receptive.

Writing a book is a difficult process because you have to write around a central theme for a long time. If you write 500 words a day then it is more than 100 days to have a 50000-word book.

This is in addition to normal writing task a writer does – for a blog post, freelance gigs and many emails she had to deal with.

One Book

Most of the adult people never read a book after their studies have completed. And so on average, one book is read. And that too from a famous person. So the chances of a book written by an unknown person being read by you are less.

So in a pursuit to benefit mankind and writers like me, I suggest and urge you to read more. Not just one book but many because it helps you focus, it entertains and puts you in perspective,

Not every book is good, but that’s beside the point. You don’t have to read till the end, read till the time you get the joke and then move on.

If you like the storytelling and love to get immersed then read and maybe re-read so that every time you encounter a type of feeling and narrative. For example, I have read Alchemist many times and because I had matured between the readings, each time felt like a different story and the takeaways were completely different.

The more you read, the better it is for the society because as a group of people you will level up. And slowly you will bring in more perspective, rational and better decision making.

Books are like movies but better. Because you create the visuals in your mind and there is no limitation of the VFX or the actor not giving dates. All you had to do is read and let your mind wander. And boom you will find more meaning in life through experiences which are rich and booming.

Self-help books give you the concise ideas which you can use. The author might have taken more than 10 years to write about the experience. And you are getting the benefit of it in a singular piece of information. So go ahead and pick a book, any book – because you can and it is all worth it.

Better Than Social Media

Many of you might love social media. And it takes hours of your time every day. Because it is designed that way to make you spend more time than before.

If you got nothing else to do and you are craving for that then go for it. But if you want something to stimulate your brain, have an entertaining ride and learn something new – you might as well read a book.

And then rule for the book is simple – if you are getting confused on which books to read, the answer is YES – all of them. Because even a single good idea, perspective or fact makes it worth the price.