Top 10 Place To Donate Your Money

Donation is a heartfelt thing. And there are many places where you can donate your work, things or money. And if you are in a position to help, you should. It is a way of giving back to society. Also, you can feel a little better about yourself.

Imagine, if you happen to be in a situation where you need help, you would be touched if someone offered a hand.

Sure, you aren’t in that situation but some people are. So let’s share whatever you can and thus make the world a better place to live in.

Here are ten places where you can donate money:

1. Old Age Shelter: When people get old, they are looking for warmth and love from their children. But most are stranded with no resources. You can come in here and give them a hand and also a shawl.

2. Wikipedia: If you had ever done a school project, then you would have used Wikipedia. All the work is done by volunteers for free of cost. But there is a cost to keep running the website flawlessly when billions of people visit the site. There you come in the picture, give back for yourself and others.

3. Giving Work To Past Criminals: There are many NGOs who are working to ensure that the people who have done their time in prison get a job so they can sustain and integrate back into society. They did a crime, paid for it and now it’s time for them to live a normal life.

4. Alzheimer: This is something which happens to almost everyone if they live long enough. The research for Alzheimer would open up the areas of the brain which aren’t being investigated right now.

5. Stray Animals: Animals are an important part of our ecosystem. They are the ones on whom many things are tested and they form the basis of the non-vegetarian foods. But many are wandering in the streets looking for help. If you can help them find a home to live through their life, go ahead and adopt or help them get adopted.

6. Friends Business: If you have some money which you can afford to lose, give it to your close friend who wants to try business and lacks some capital. It’s fun, encouraging and summarizes what friends do.

7. Mentally challenged People: They are the ones who get neglected a lot. And if you can play a role in bringing happiness in their lives, go ahead.

8. Women Related Charity: Women’s have been historically treated bad. The fight for equality is on-going for so many years. Still, they are the ones who are made to make peace with it. Just support the cause, they are the most in trouble.

9: Water: There are many places in the world where clean water is a privilege. It shouldn’t be. Water is the most basic thing needed for survival. So if you see a legit water NGO – help them.

10. Education: The future changes when you know what is wrong, how to navigate and then impact many people together. This happens when you can be educated. So, if there is a charity which helps kids get educated, go ahead and give a dime.

If you are in a position to give back then it is the best thing that you can do. This simple act will benefit people and you would have impacted at least one person. And how amazing is that.