The Silent Way To Become Productive

Working in a 9-5 day job teaches you a lot about productivity. From the moment you come into the office, the clock starts ticking. And with each passing time, you need to ensure you meet your daily target – be it emails sent, clients talked or sales done.

And there will be an incentive if you can improve the number of outputs in the same timeframe. Productivity is a big factor in the companies. Because if you can get more output from the same hours, then you have increased your overall value.

Companies then keep a large share of it and distribute the rest to you in the form of incentive. And you happily oblige to work more, put in the brain to work smart and become the best employee.

Often you will find yourself that seeing things in a different manner has become second nature of yours. Whenever you are assigned a new task, you pause and think of different ways it can be improved. You then reiterate a lot and pat yourself on the back for the best person to do something in a productive manner.

Which is all amazing until…

Getting Comfortable

Once you come back from the office, you feel tired. Of course, the 8-hour shift plus traveling is exhausting. You slip into the pajamas and switch on the sports channel. Yes, there is some great entertainment and then switching to news, Game of Thrones and hoping to YouTube.

Who can resist the amazing cat videos…

And then weekends come, you find yourself doing all the chore of the house. Running here and there, catching up with friends, watching a movie and then dinner at home.

Yep, you are tired again. Time to sleep. And it repeats again.

It all feels good. But, by slipping in the same comfortable routine, you will fall behind on your hobbies, side projects, and personal growth.

Let me help you with an alternative…

Using Skills

When you are in the office, you are supposed to do the work and bring in more work output. But when it comes to your hobbies or side projects – laziness kicks in.

The idea is to develop the system such that you work on your side projects with the same discipline as you do in your day job. Of course, initially, it will seem like a chore. But slowly it will bring out a positive change because you are doing something you like. And there is growth you can see because of the productive work you keep on doing.

So be attentive and learn all the skills you can while in your day job. And leverage that to uplift your hobbies or day-2-day routine.

There is always little more time to be saved, more work to be done and more time to be saved. Go on and treat your comfortable retreat as a task to do it more efficiently.

Now, let’s dive into the super zen mode…

The Silent Killer

What if I told you there is a hack to improve your productivity to the next level?

Would you be interested?

Of course, right.

Do it silently confined to your habits. Silent doesn’t mean locking yourself in the room and focusing on the solution or improvement. Quite the opposite,

The idea is to find your comfort zone. Historically, you are expected to deliver the best of you when you sit in a library environment – no sound and laser focus.

Of course, the focus is necessary but not everyone is equipped to deliver in silence. So the term is – doing it silently. But you will finding your silent zone.

For example, I am at my best when I am surrounded by people doing their thing. At that moment, my writing is awesome. If I confined myself to a sound proof room, I couldn’t concentrate.

Another example, when I am practicing dance movements, I need no one around me. That’s my Silent zone.

For you, it will differ for different things you want to do. Find out what is your silent zone where your productivity is maximum and stick to that.

Because there is no one rule fits all. You do you.

I hope you find your zone and put in the hours after the normal office hours. Because your personal growth happens when you do it without a boss.