Risky Writing

When the country gets in trouble, writers rise to bring in their magic. Partly to inspire others, partly to feel good about themselves and sometimes to show the future people how the ideas were shaped.

And they get beaten – not all of them but enough that others get fearful. But still some continues to write. Because they believe in the ideas to bring out change and they know the power their thoughts can bring in their world.

Like any form of creative endeavour, writing brings in split between people. Everyone who reads them feels like they need to do something about the ideas.

But when you write, it ain’t for everyone. It is for a specific set of people who want to go on that path of trust, empathy and aspire to do something.

Therefore some people get inspired, some get moved and others get offended about the content that is written.

So what you should do?

The easiest thing is write something which will please everyone and then you can sleep tight at night. But then what do you think will happen – and is it even possible to write something which appeals to everyone.

Why Do You Write

Is it because you want to bring in new readers and impact people or you want to grow your craft so that one day you can write a book.

Or maybe you write for yourself. Each day you see something, assert something and feel the urge to write it down. That’s me and maybe few of you. And if that’s the case then I will continue to write because the primary reason is for myself.

Sure readers will come along and find their magic and I am glad it happens. But I am in no way trying to lure in readers by dumbing down or saying something everyone wants to hear.

It is quite the opposite. I want to challenge, bring in more observations and grow my self. And if you want to connect then you are welcome.

Risky Things

When you write then you shouldn’t hold yourself. If you hold some thoughts or opinions then you will showcase a version of yourself which isn’t true and bring out no good in the long run. If you want try to write anonymously – over time you will feel confident to put your name on it.

And that’s about it. If you are like everyone who has came before and you don’t want to try something new then why even bother.

Be unique in your own way. Sure you can be wrong and that’s the beauty of it. Writing something doesn’t mean you are putting it on rock and you won’t change your ideas or opinions.

You are far more open to new ideas and opinions as long as you find a rational.

So go ahead and write what you strongly feel and believe. It is a journey of learning and it is okay to be wrong. Remember to keep moving ahead.