Writing is the best stress buster.

At least, it is for me. I am Rohan Bhardwaj, graduated in Physics and lost in the world of imagination. Imagining narrative has always been my pass time. Including scenarios – which include love, plot twist and lessons. I started writing because it healed me.

And now, it has become an escapism. It leads me on a journey where the I experience emotions, joy and self-realization. And with my writing, I encourage you to leap, make an impact and grow.

I juggle a lot of things –

  • Making dance videos
  • Making Educational videos
  • Writing on this blog – rants, opinions and perspectives
  • Writing on medium website where I publish some of my personal post – to gain exposure
  • Writing on Quora – occasionally.

Join me in my journey –

  1. Because you want to experience good fiction writing
  2. Because you love stories which helps you become better
  3. Because you don’t want sugar coated tips and hacks. If anything, we go for brutality in here