Feeling Productive Vs. Being Productive

Self-development blogs are like hotcakes, they sell fast. And so there have many such blogs. If you extend your search – you may find productivity, time management and productivity, among other popular things.

Turns out there are many situations where you feel low and seeking help is all you need. One of the things you chase the most is productivity.

In short, trying to feel that you have lived your day perfect. And so you try to be busy doing something.

Feeling Good

If you find yourself not doing anything, then you feel like your productivity is dropping. So you engage yourself again. Your calendar is full of things to do, and often you can’t get to all of them because there are just too many. At the end of the day, you exhale and pat yourself on the back because you feel productive.

You count all the things you have done and so much to do tomorrow. When a friend calls you for a party, you cite lack of time.

Apparently, having fun means you will lose out on being productivity. The only way to succeed seems like working like crazy and be busy all the time.

Doing this for so long feels like a stretch but you don’t give up. But the success seems far off, and you are patting yourself that one day it will be fine. All these work which you are doing will pay off, and the excel sheets which prove you are productive will be realized.

But is this the way you should be productive in the first place. The idea of being busy is so deeply rooted in our culture that sometimes you just act it out.

Take the example of the employee-employer relationship, most of the times the judgement of good work isn’t what is the output but rather how much busy you have been.

Living in a false narrative can affect your thinking and rational. And so you would want to take part in the scam everyone is living which is called ‘faking’. Sure, you can fool others that you are doing the productive thing. But you know what the reality is and as such don’t become a fool in the long run.

Sure, by appearing busy and making sure you do something every time, you can have the feeling of a productive person, but are you really productive.

Let’s break it down:

It’s not about doing 10 different things. Being productive means doing the things with laser focus and skill to bring your larger goal to realization. For example, if you want to lose weight in the long run, you should have things like exercise, sport or diet on your calendar. And you should do that thing with laser focus and be busy doing that.

If you are being busy reading magazines about losing weight every day then sure you can be busy but nothing has been done because your larger goal won’t be met.

Sure, it is easy and tempting to feel productive and be in that illusion loop. But it is hard and necessary to be fruitful for your larger vision. And you should embrace it because it is hard, that’s what will bring out the success, change and happiness in the long term.