Dismissing The Things Scheduled On Calendar

Are you the one who commits something and then not do it. Why did you do that? Does this happen often?

This might happen when things are not clearly prioritized or you are not doing things by planning. Random days are not the best productive day – plan it out and then do it.

The Modern Day Mom

When you were a kid, most of the important things was handled by your mom. Waking up, doing the homework, packing for the picnic. And you simply existed. Because you were a kid with little understanding of complicated things.

And there were many other things which helped you to remember and do stuff. Maybe you wrote in the paper and put in on the door.

Or you told your sister to remind you of carrying the new water bottle. But she took it and you forgot it. Later you both fought but then it was a nice childhood.

Now that you are an adult, you have to do all your things. And you are responsible for everything you do or not do.

It is frightening to do all things by yourself because you have to manage, be responsible and make the day feel productive at the end of it. Or else, you will be just reacting and the whole day will simply pass by. A day spent productively is a day spent well.

Helping You Become Productive

So you define some things which make you productive – it can be writing, dancing or upgrading your coding skills. It is different for everyone so you don’t have to compare and feel bad.

And you try hard to do it. But then life gets in the way, sometimes you feel lazy or the time just flies by.

So you start searching for apps to help you become productive. Because nowadays, apps are thought to be of supreme importance and are considered a magical thing. But the basic premise is the same – it all depends on your will and system. Rest everything is just add on.

You find the calendar app. A simple one which helps you to note things sends you a notification at the designated time and can distinguish activities by adding different colours.

So you set up a note of writing daily at 2 in the afternoon. And every day, the calendar reminds you of the task.

Now, this is no magical thing. You could have remembered to write daily. But this is about having a system. So you dismiss the task only when you do it. Every day you get the notification and then you have to dismiss it, so you do the task and boom, you end up being productive every day.

The Act Of Dismissing

But then one day you dismiss the notification without doing anything. And you do it again, now often.

Slowly this kicks in as a habit. Now, you are at a stage where you feel the Calendar app isn’t working and you need to find something else. The truth is you don’t even need calendar if you can remember everything. But you can’t so you need a calendar to organize.

Everything is a game of will, system, and desire. So the Calendar app served a purpose to remind while your obligation to do is still personal.

And you have to decide on doing something once. Every time your notification pops up, it isn’t a time to decide. You have already decided and that’s why it is a notification. So, just do it and then only then dismiss it.

Alter But Follow

But what if you don’t want to do a certain thing. That’s good news. Because that means you have found better things to do which defines your productivity.

So alter the notification. Remove that thing and add something else. Or add more hours to other things which are still important to you.

Follow this system so that you end up doing things for your passion, creativity, and productivity. Not following calendar for things like random friends meet, attending functions or being lazy shouldn’t be on your list. Yes, there should be exceptions but that list has to be small.

Or else, you would not follow the things and it would back to square one. If something is important to you, then add it on your calendar.

For example, my entire Sunday is blocked for family and friends. I do nothing else that day. But on other days, I need to dance and write. If I am running low on time, I would first complete my dance and writing routine. Unless it’s an emergency which I have defined, I will do my list. And so should you.

An Upgraded ToDo List

You can see Calendar as an upgraded todo list. A to-do list helps you to add things you want to do and then check it off.

A calendar does that but by adding day and time, it helps you see how your day is going to look like.

It makes managing easier. If your friend asks you for your time then you can look at your calendar and give appropriate time. And thus your whole weeks can be managed and done as predicted. So you get the time to do things which are important to you.

This is the easiest way to do this. The modern day problem of having to do too many things requires modern day solution of a digital calendar on your phone.

So go ahead and block all the time for things which are high on your priority list. And then you just have to do them every time it pops up.