Dismissing The Calendar Notification

Calendar management is the best thing you can in this modern world. Earlier, you had no internet, and as such, the things you could do were limited. But now, there are tons of opportunity to learn, grow, and make an impact.

But that has also boasted the chance to waste your time. Sometimes it is okay to use it as your downtime. However, if you do have a goal, then using your time effectively will help you reach your goal faster.

Let’s see a typical day. You get up, start checking on the social media and read a few articles. And then your friend sends in a viral video.

You watch it, and then there comes a suggestion, and after 2 hours, you are still watching some random video.

Yes, you have a goal of becoming a swimmer. But for you, the busy schedule of going to the job and then the stress in the evening is too much to handle.

When you look at this from an outside perspective, you might feel pity for yourself. After all, you are doing everything right and still failing to achieve your goal. But when you internalize the scenario, you can see that you are merely saying swimming is your goal, but your actions aren’t aligning itself.

Enter Calendar

Calendar management can come to your rescue. Here are some simple things which you can do – block time & follow them.

To do it the best justice, sit down one day before to plan for the next day. List all the things that are important to you and all the things you have to do it mandatorily. Then insert them – cut all the things which don’t add value.

So if you have an excess of 1 hour then do whatever you want. But if you are falling short on time then add the things which help you achieve your long term goal.

Because time is limited and everyone has the same time. You aren’t special – if you want to get better in something, then you have to sacrifice.

Either way, you can choose to watch TV for 4 hours by adding that in your calendar. That way, you can know that it is a decision to not focus on your goals. Being self-aware is the most essential step. You need to decide what is important to you – not just by saying but by adding it on the calendar too.

The Tough Part

And you start your day with a focused calendar in vision. At the end of the day, you feel accomplished. But the excitement falls short in the coming weeks.

The initial momentum has gone, and so you aren’t actively looking forward to doing things in the calendar. So when a notification pops up, you dismiss it and boom it is gone forever.

So for now, you do have things which you wanna do in the calendar, but you aren’t doing them. They are just there waiting to be dismissed. In short, you are back to your old life doing things as they come, but this time you have the illusion of being productive because there are 10 things lined up in your calendar.

Changing Things Up

The reason for this is simple – the things which you had put in your calendar aren’t your goals, or you don’t want to work hard on them.

Either way, dismissing them is a bad idea. The thing to do is change them. For example, if you have trouble completing 10 laps of swim at 6 in the morning then change it to 5 laps of swimming or say watching 1 hour of TV. Whatever you write it down, do it. If you aren’t liking it, then change it in your calendar.

This way, you will have an accurate measure of your priorities and the stretch you are willing to go to achieve them.

What is the top 3 must do things in your calendar?