Cheating – Taking Shortcuts

Exams are tough – you go on to study for a year and then at the exam you face the only questions which you don’t remember and boom you get a fail certificate. There is no guarantee and no test is a true measure of your worth.

The education system as a whole is broken and there needs to be something to fix them. Maybe homeschooling, maybe open access and maybe a mix of both and some public school.

The argument to current system being better is that it is easy way to find the best and worst. And my argument is if it’s that easy maybe the system isn’t producing the best as you want it. What if you take the difficult path of nurturing each kid differently, what if the parents feel a role in their kids growth and what if teachers are empowered to take kids on a journey.

All of this feels like a fairy tale because currently none of this things happen in majority parts. And wherever it happens the fierce society, hierarchy or present system mocks it,

And whatever true work teacher, student or parent wants to do is looked down open. As Ramit Sethi says, the world wants you to be vanilla and it is often true in education scenario.

If you can be taught some basic things without curiosity then you can potentially become my slave and you won’t question it. Or else, you will want to become the king and my authority will be in danger.

But this can’t and shouldn’t go on for long, times are changing – people are realizing and revolutions are happening faster. It is at micro level, with internet the voices are being heard and people are jumping to the next level. The next decade is going to bring some positive changes and internet will be one of the key players. Or maybe it will be the only player and you will be someone who will benefit huge.


When you think of all the things you need to do to achieve a small thing, it is easy to go and cheat. It is tempting to take shortcut and often you will get a reward instantly.

But it is what it is a shortcut and it wont bring the same amount of impact which you get in the long term effect. For example, sure when you want to build up a body in gym, you can work for years to get a shape or go and eat some proteins and steroids.

With steroids, you will get the shape within months but it will have the side effect and it won’t stay for long. You will have to keep using more of steroids and when you stop using them, you will look real bad. So if you want to stay in better shape, it is best for most people to go the hard long way.

Liposuction is a cheating to get away with fats. But unless it is a high risk medical emergency, you will be better off going the tough way of counting calories and oing many variations of exercise


When you let yourself cheat and if you do it often, you will build a habit which will ruin your productivity in long term. So resist the temptation to cheat. Like a good habit it will build up fast, so why go in the bad choices.

My hope is that you will take the difficult path. Often you will be tempted to go on easy route. But rather opt for the best possible path – whichever it may be.

If it is easy then fine, but if it is hard then buckle up and go anyway. It will be worth it and now go make something.