Forever Vs 20 Years – Shift in Perspective

Flying from the plane – at the elevation of 20000 feet – Ajay got kicked hard. He lost his consciousness. And became happy because the pain was strong so much that it could have knocked him out. The sky is lit as the brightest thing in Ajay’s life. The stress, unhappiness and broken relationship translated… Read More »

Negotiation – Should you do it

It is tough to negotiate. When a person tells you her service is worth $20 then it is heart wrenching to tell them to do the same at $10. And if you imagine yourself at that person’s position – it is even harder. How would you feel when you are being asked to sell your… Read More »

On Teachers, Students And You

Teachers are like poetry. They rhyme with times and has deep meaning in concise words. They are the ones who bring out the best in you. And if you meet someone who is passionate then you reach newer heights. Often the liking’s you have as a kid is honed by a good teacher. Because she… Read More »

10 Things To Do – Get Rid of Headache

Apply balm. It helps a lot. And it is better than the tablets. Because in the long run, tablets can become ineffective. Sleep. Sometimes the headache is the result of deprived sleep. So put on a blanket and sleep. Eat. This is true at least for me. I am a big foodie. And if I… Read More »

Don’t Raise Volume

It is difficult to focus when you have been drenched from the office work, traveling and pressure to perform better. In essence, you aren’t aiming to focus on any work. Rather you would like to loosen up and watch some TV. But then you got a better idea. Why surf on the TV and jump… Read More »