Show Your Love

Relationship demands communication which is honest, transparent and a punch-in-the-face. And dark, full of secrets and over-the-top comedy. A mix of everything and sometimes nothing. Let me explain… There is no one formula which works for everyone in relationships, business or anything for that matter. But hey, some basic rules does apply.For example, if you… Read More »


My favorite writer has started podcast. There has been a rage about starting a podcast amongst influential people. Probably the next big thing. Here is how it works. You record a video version of yourself or with a guest. And upload it on podcast website for people to download them. Or you record a YouTube… Read More »


Your career is often defined by the number of paychecks and promotions you encounter. The ideal scenario is to seek out the opportunities and upgrade yourself to the level you desire. But people wait. They let themselves surrender into the system and hope for the best. Doing the daily activities like a robot and hoping… Read More »

You Have To Give A TED talk

Pulling up the shirt, Sneha feels there is no way she can be prepared for the speech. The nervousness are kicking in and there is a list of things which can go wrong. From the stumbling to fumbling – maybe audience might laugh when she fails. And she might go deep down questioning her abilities.… Read More »

Day 1

It is the commitment which you need to fulfill. Maybe you have boosted so much that you need to prove yourself. Whatever change you are seeking, it is essential to push yourself through the first day. Because that is the day which counts the most. What is your journey if it hasn’t even started. For… Read More »