Don’t Raise Volume

It is difficult to focus when you have been drenched from the office work, traveling and pressure to perform better. In essence, you aren’t aiming to focus on any work. Rather you would like to loosen up and watch some TV. But then you got a better idea. Why surf on the TV and jump… Read More »

Put off your headphones

Dressed in the trending clothes and shining shoes – you go on and meet the cool people. Those who identify with your ideologies and listen to the same music as yours. And you share the video of the biggest prank ever pulled. You laugh, they laugh and it is shared again to the new set… Read More »

Having Confidence Can Do Wonders

The weight of the bags kept on increasing. The shoulders of little Neha couldn’t bear the pressure of studying like crazy. She was barely 14 years old. And the world had decided that she needs to study the usual mugging education, attend ballet and somehow sing well. Maybe that wasn’t enough – she is expected… Read More »

Theory Of Averages

It is tough to push, drag yourself and keep sane while you try to become better in a skill. The initial inspiration is good for only 1 week. After that your body and mind starts playing games. Where they tell you it is okay to stop and lose the game. And sure enough you quit.… Read More »

I Want You To Kill

In the darkness, there is a hope of light. When you fail consistently, chances of you succeeding still exist. And when the whole world seems against you, someone still might change their perspective to support you. The world is a cruel place. And most humans are hostile. But it shouldn’t stop you from doing good,… Read More »