It is easy to lift up your finger and point towards other. Assuming yourself as an elite person – it is difficult to assume that you might be at fault. All the bad things that happens might be because others messed up. Seeing yourself as the perfectionist won’t do good if you aren’t one in… Read More »

Trading Value

You get up from the yesterdays leisure sleep. All the drama that happened yesterday is a past tense and you feel relieved to wake up with good thoughts and energy. And then the bell rings… Someone is on the door. A cat maybe – I guess I am watching too many cat videos. It’s 7 in… Read More »

My Fault…Not Yours

It is easy to believe you are the one who is right all the time. And others exist merely to put you down, belittle and take advantage of you. When you see the world through this filter — it feels good. Because you see others as the potential enemy. And you end up being the hero the… Read More »

Forever Vs 20 Years – Shift in Perspective

Flying from the plane – at the elevation of 20000 feet – Ajay got kicked hard. He lost his consciousness. And became happy because the pain was strong so much that it could have knocked him out. The sky is lit as the brightest thing in Ajay’s life. The stress, unhappiness and broken relationship translated… Read More »

Negotiation – Should you do it

It is tough to negotiate. When a person tells you her service is worth $20 then it is heart wrenching to tell them to do the same at $10. And if you imagine yourself at that person’s position – it is even harder. How would you feel when you are being asked to sell your… Read More »