Rohan Bhardwaj

Day 1

It is the commitment which you need to fulfill. Maybe you have boosted so much that you need to prove yourself. Whatever change you are seeking, it is essential to push yourself through the first day. Because that is the day which counts the most. What is your journey if it hasn’t even started. For …

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It’s Okay

I don’t know where is the path. The lights are dark and sun is cold. Sometimes I die waking up, other times – I rise above when the whole world is falling. And it is okay. You aren’t here with a definite path to follow and become some kind of good human being. There are …

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I Hate You – Poetry

I said — I love you She said — I hate you, I was mad for her Her words made my world stir. Dancing was my pass time In an attempt to forget, She seemed all fine The moments when we were set. Times were tough The journey was rough, I was ready for worse All she gave me …

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