Rohan Bhardwaj

Sleep Tight

Santa Claus is scary if you don’t know the story. A guy probably old, his face covered to make unrecognizable from his original identity. The clothes full of red, maybe a signal that don’t come near me. Turn this into a story of a legend giving gifts to kids. And now you like this guy. …

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Off Load Apps

When I was young, the mobile phones didn’t have as much apps. If you need something then you have to open the browser and type in the url. For older phones, the youtube wasn’t accessible. There were many mobile themed video hosting sites like Vuclip where you could watch videos. It was much later that …

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One Being Not Afraid

Fear is the biggest motivator they say. Once you fear something, it can help you either channel your thoughts in the same direction or some other direction. For example, if you fear getting hurt while doing backflips then you can focus on other areas where you think the fear is manageable by you. Or you …

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