How To Be Generous

As you move up in life, there will be more opportunities for you to be generous. What do you do with this new power… From sharing chocolates to helping people find their paths – the influence you will have on others will be monumental. And before you jump on the pride train, let me spill… Read More »

Before Going On A First Date, Read These

The chat is going on for few weeks now. Finally, you both have decided to meet on a date. Coffee, perhaps. But you are hesitant – how will the experience come out. There are so many questions – will she like you, what to say and what not and whether your smile is creepy. All… Read More »

Acquired Taste

Doing the same thing for a longer period of time is the key to acquired taste. From the food choices to risk appetite to conquering the world. You do the small things each day. And brush off the important things for tomorrow. Because there is always 1 more day which never comes. Procrastination happens to… Read More »

10 Ways For A Better Work Culture

Honor The Time-Off Yes, you want a group of people who are hardcore when it comes to delivering on the values. Working relentlessly to make sure you ship the project. But at the same time, you need to realize everyone has their own personal space with friends, family and self. Each day if you push… Read More »

Keeping Your Calm

When you see someone yelling, does it trigger anger? Do you find yourself thinking about the possibilities of a fight every now and then? If you said yes to either of those then you are going through the over thinking phase. It happens to the best of us – you see a scenario and you… Read More »