Month: November 2019

Look Out For Yourself

Money is a sensitive matter because no one talks about it. If you get a job then talking about your salary is something you just ignore. On the surface, it might seem like there is insecurity, shame or jealousy. What if she earns more than me or what if you earn more so you need …

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Finding The Why

Killing is the worst thing you can do to a person. Because they will die and there remains no hope for them to live. Because they died. But some people believe torture is the worst thing to happen. Because it makes the living life of a human hell. The jury is still out there – …

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Hold On

The sun shines bright when you look at it. You don’t notice that the sun is powerful enough to light up the places between two huge buildings. Sure, there is a shadow, but you can see and take a beautiful picture. And you take a better picture when you are in the sun, it is …

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