Month: October 2019

Don’t Be Evil

Humans are at the highest chain in animal kingdom. At this point, you can’t categorise a human as an animal – it might be taken as an insult. At the same time, there are humans who see animals as their family, and won’t take it easy if you call them animal. For sure, humans are …

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Why To Sell Is Human?

‘To Sell Is Human’ is the concept from the Daniel Pink’s book of the same name. This is from the excerpt of the exshcnage between him and Adam Grant, Professor of Management, Wharton School. Everyone Is Selling Daniel assets the idea that everyone is selling. If you pick out a labour report, it is easy …

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Asking For Assurance

Eating together is a nice family thing to do. Except that you can be physically present and absent otherwise. Your mind is a wandering beauty, it escapes the reality and does make the illusion of being present. Others see it as a boring thing, but you have evaded to the land of exciting. As you …

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