Month: October 2019

Asking For Assurance

Eating together is a nice family thing to do. Except that you can be physically present and absent otherwise. Your mind is a wandering beauty, it escapes the reality and does make the illusion of being present. Others see it as a boring thing, but you have evaded to the land of exciting. As you …

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She Broke Up

A friendship is an unique relationship. You don’t choose your family but you do choose your friends. Families are great – you just have them and since you are connected, you stay there for them. But friends are those with whom you spend the time together, evaluate and then commit to a relationship which might …

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I Am Sorry

Mental health is as important as your physical health. When you get an injury, it is easy to share your pain. Others can see it with their physical eyes and accept, comfort and possibly help you. Compare that to mental health – it’s mostly in your mind. For most of the things – there isn’t …

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