Month: August 2019

No One Is Perfect

Your friends, family members or the colleagues. The choice you need to make is this – at what imperfections you are going to compromise. Because guess what – they are making the compromise too on your imperfections. If you keep on cutting people out because they don’t have all the good qualities, then you will …

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10 Ways To Make An Impact

Share What You Know Maybe opt for becoming a teacher or just share your knowledge in discussions and elevate the standard of thought process within your group. Be open to new ideas and indulge in the ever-increasing wealth of knowledge which is being tested, discussed, and worked upon. Your expertise or not is needed – …

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Don’t Worry

Bad things happen and will happen to you. Because life is unpredictable, there will be sudden gear shifts all the time. The one thing you can do is think you are the boss. Make plans and live your life accordingly. But that way, you are setting yourself up for failure. Because life will surprise you. …

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