Month: August 2019

What Is Thinking?

It’s an idea in your brain which is tingling and making sensation. You are alive in the present state of body but you are not there. Your brain is wandering, thinking about consequences and doing nothing. Sometimes it is like you are dreaming in the physical state of being alive. For example, you might be …

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Take That Break

Whenever you are angry and ready to leash out When you are thinking of ending that relationship which you built over a decade The thought of resigning from a position lingers The urge to promising for something in the future When you are emotionally broken When you feel obligated to answer in a particular way …

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Death Is A Reality

More real than anything you might have ever imagined. It feels scary to anticipate death. Now multiple this fear with 10x because your parents, people whom you love are more likely to die before you. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Except trying everything you can in your capacity and seeing them go …

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