Month: June 2019

Better Be Success

If you are doing something, trying for the first time then it is natural to feel like a failure, be fearful of the outcome or do things with less focus. But if you are going to do it anyway, it’s better to see it positively. Outcome isn’t important. You have little control on it. However …

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Extra Energy

You consume extra food inspite of getting enough energy. The taste of the food compels you to eat more. The problem isn’t apparent. You might not gain weight because you are in college and you do a lot of walking, exercise and fun activities. But the habit stays so when you get a job, your …

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A Calm Mind

Often when you try to do things in a hurry, the probability of mess happening increases. On the contrary, when you let your mind be calm in chaos, things seem to resolve. The first instinct often is to fight back, raise the voice, and take things personally. However, when you let that sip in for …

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