Month: June 2019

Good Educated Guess

As you grow each day, your past decisions might seem like a failure. You gave the green signal to the wrong project that hiring went awful, and the restaurant food was okay. Looking back, it is easy to see where you have been wrong or where you need some improvement. But those aren’t bad decisions …

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Subscription Means Nothing

Monopoly is bad, and big companies often try to take in all the power, so others have to rely heavily on them. Take, for example, a blog which aims to connect with readers of self-improvement. Initially, they need to write articles while thinking about Google in mind because they are the most significant search engines. …

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Things To Do Daily

Whatever you daily gets compounded and it will have awesome after effects over the long term. Call someone you love Work on your passion, be it 5 minutes Write something, it gives clarity Talk with your mom Exercise – fast walking, a 15 minute routine is enough Drink fresh fruit juices Avoid negative people Sleep …

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