Month: June 2019

You Should Call Back

Job interviews are stressful because you are trying to sell yourself. Your nervousness shows through your shivers, the words you speak falter, and there is a fear of failure. With the increase in population and automation at its peak, unemployment hits the market hard. So if you aren’t skilled enough and at the right place, …

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Tim Ferriss Supplement

Arnold set the tone for all the bodybuilders to come afterward. He became the most banking movie star, and in every movie – one of the things highlighted was his huge body. But that ain’t possible without the supplements. Those might include protein shakes, vitamin pills, and steroids. Of course, you have to work hard …

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You Already Know – Poem

When you sit downAnd eat that chocolate brown,You Know the painOf getting up without cane. As you eat that sugarAnd slowly get sober,You Know it’s badBut you continue and it’s sad. You have been promotedFrom fat to obese, get laid,You know it’s your willBut still you let more food kill. It’s in your headAnd now …

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